Competition Dancers – Put A Wrap On It!

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written a post!  It’s not because I haven’t wanted to write one. It’s because there isn’t much going on in my dance life since I’ve had my son. The potential ballroom dance amateur partner that I was practicing with in the beginning of 2013 has moved; I’m practicing […]

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Cheers to the New Chapter Titled, “Mama”

Our sweet Baby boy was born in November and the last 3 months have been a complete life changing experience.  When I used to hear that phrase, “life changing”, from parents, they would say it with a smile on their face and make it seems like having a child was such a great thing!  And […]

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Oh Baby!

Oh, Baby!

“Everything happens for a reason” I never grew up wanting to have a child, but I was also never against having one either. Travis, my husband, has always wanted children, but we’ve been putting off having them for many years and many reasons and the past 2 years the excuse has been that I wasn’t […]

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Managing Ball of Foot Pain in Dancers

I am a ballroom dancer who dances in 3″ Latin heels. Lately, I have been experiencing pain at the ball of my foot that started during one of my dance practices.

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The “Amateur Partnership” Chapter

After the end of my “Jones Dance” chapter, I took some time off from dance for a number of reasons.  I needed a break to clear my head, process what was going on and figure out what it was that I wanted to do next.  I was also too depressed to make any public appearances […]

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Closing the Chapter…

“Everything happens for a reason…sometimes the reason is crystal clear and other times not so much…and in those times when it’s not so easy to understand the why, is when you hold your head high and have a little faith that everything, eventually will be ok.” – me Life is a book with many chapter […]

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My Thanksgiving Thanks

I’m reading tons of Facebook posts about the daily “thanks” that people are thankful for this holiday season and it is very inspiring.  I was going to sum up all of my “thanks” in a short Facebook post as well; however, I don’t think I can fit everything I want to say into a quick […]

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Ballet, Ballroom, and Yoga

I have very high expectations of myself when it comes to dance.  I want my dancing to have technical perfection.  I want my audience to be entertained and emotionally touched.  I want to be an amazing dancer.  I want a lot…but I realized that I lack all the above and some of my expectations are […]

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A Special Performance

I love any opportunity to dance and perform. Especially when it involves a special dance for my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary…

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Atlanta Open 2012 Ballroom Dance Competition

My very first Pro/Am competition was last year at the Atlanta Open Dancesport Spectacular. Since it was my first time performing Pro/Am as an adult, my goal was just to test the waters and see how I compared with other dancers on my level. And I did just that. This year, I wanted to see improvement in placement, performance, and of course, technique and dancing.

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