A Baby Step Called Salsa

salsa group classThe year was 2009 and a good friend of mine (Kimberly Murgatroyd of Jet Set Life) gave me a nice surprise in August.  She had received 3 free Salsa group class passes for something that she helped with and she gave them to ME!  Let’s just say that I could not have been happier; I couldn’t stop talking about it, I was so excited.  Those passes were like my calling card to come back to a ballroom dance studio.

I have been wanting to come back to ballroom and latin dancing for many years, but I had a lot of hurdles to overcome.  I wanted to find a local studio, an awesome instructor and I needed extra money for private dance lessons.  Because I was so focused on taking private lessons, I never even considered taking baby steps and checking out a ballroom and or latin group class.  Group classes are great because they are very affordable, but they don’t focus as much as I’d like on things like technique and the individual; which is why I wanted private lessons.  But I just didn’t have the extra cash.  So when I received those free passes, I felt very blessed and I took full advantage of the baby steps :)

The weekend prior to the class, I pulled out my old latin dance shoes that have been collecting dust in the basement and I practiced for a little bit in our kitchen.  I couldn’t wait to step inside that studio!   As much as I was excited, I was also very nervous.  What if I just didn’t have what it took to dance anymore?  What if I wasn’t good enough anymore?  What if everyone else was way better than me?  What if…..what if…..what if???  I was driving myself crazy!  Plus, truth be told, I’ve never danced Salsa so I also felt very vulnerable.

salsa group classMonday finally came along and my husband and I drove to Atlanta for my very first dance class in ten years.  I was nervous, excited, and completely could not concentrate on anything!  I walked into Take Hold Ballroom dance studio and put on my dirty, used and abused latin dance shoes.  The class started on time and I couldn’t believe it….I was dancing again!!!  The Salsa dance class instructor was Jimmy Rumba and I liked his energy and style.  I picked up on Salsa pretty fast.   It is not a difficult dance to learn so my confidence shot up instantly.  I asked Travis to take lots of pictures of me, because I wanted to remember that moment forever.  It was almost a surreal experience.  I had been waiting for that moment for 10 years and it was finally here!  I was pretty much in heaven.  For one straight hour I dance my heart out :)

That night, I was a broken record (as Travis likes to call me sometimes).  I couldn’t stop talking about the Salsa class and how much fun I had.  I called my mom, my dad, and everyone else I could think of!  I talked their ears off.  I was pretty much on a “high” from Salsa dancing.

That “high” lasted for the next two Mondays that I went to Salsa dance class with my remaining free passes. It was the same excitement, nervousness, and surreal experience all over again until I finished up my last free pass.

That night after my last free group Salsa class, I made a promise to myself.  Somehow or other I will find the money to at least continue taking group classes.  My only issue with those Salsa group classes, was that it was only Salsa and it was a long drive.  I wanted more and I wanted local.  I wanted to dance all the dances!  Cha-cha, Rumba, Samba, Swing and Jive, Waltz, Viennesse Waltz, Tango, Argentine Tango, Foxtrot, Quick Step, and everything in between!  Give me ballroom!!!  And with that, my quest to find a local studio continued….except now I was looking for local group ballroom and latin classes instead of private lessons.


Which is your preference and why:  group dance classes or private dance lessons or both?

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