Atlanta Open 2012 Ballroom Dance Competition

My very first Pro/Am competition was last year at the Atlanta Open Dancesport Spectacular.  Since it was my first time performing Pro/Am as an adult, my goal was just to test the waters and see how I compared with other dancers on my level.  And I did just that.  This year, I wanted to see improvement in placement, performance, and of course, technique and dancing.

The month before the competition, I took extra lessons, focused on technique and especially, the performance aspect.  The week of the competition I made an appointment to get my hair professional done by Boyko & Co. (actually, my Pro, Waylon Jones, suggested that I get my hair done, because in all honesty, I suck at doing my own hair).  This was a smart move on my part :)  My hair turned out amazing!  As many times as I danced that day, my hair didn’t budge.









Since I am white as a ghost, I applied layers and layers of Bronze Angel starting 2 days before the competition.  I’m so thankful that I tanned from head to toe, because I did have a wardrobe malfunction.  During the single rounds, in Mambo, my heel got caught in my costume and pulled the costume off in the back.  My whole @$$ was exposed to the audience for what felt like a life time (it was actually really quick, but my @$$ was out there!). How EMBARRASSING!!!  It was one of those moments that I had to laugh at myself in order to not cry and run out of the ballroom. I just kept thinking, “at least it’s tanned”.  But I was proud of myself for not missing a beat and not letting it affect the rest of my day.

Atlanta Open 2012 was amazing.  I danced my butt off, literally.  My husband loved my dancing!  My mom, who is very critical of me, saw improvement.  And most important, my Pro was impressed  :)

Here is a little clip of my dancing:

[jwplayer mediaid=”790″]

What I took home from this competition is a incredible feeling of accomplishment. I can see improvement from last year, but I still have a long journey ahead.  Until the next competition, it’s back to the studio!

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