“Does This Mean You’re Back?”

ballroom/latin basics group classEver since I took the Salsa classes at Take Hold Ballroom in Atlanta, I have been asked the same questions, “does this mean you’re back?”.  I didn’t know how to answer that question since I didn’t take any more Salsa classes; mainly because I really didn’t want to drive all the way to Atlanta.  Plus, I was still searching for a local ballroom and latin dance studio and until I found one, I couldn’t really say that I was back.  So I just kept saying, “I don’t know”.

Facebook is a wonderful tool for connecting with friends, family and randomly finding that perfect, local, ballroom dance studio :)  I was looking through a friend’s profile when something caught my eye.  All I saw were the words ballroom and Dacula, Georgia.  I clicked Jones Dance Ballroom Studios and to my surprise, there it was!  That local ballroom dance studio that I have been looking for was finally there!  I looked at the address and checked out the website, just to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things.  I even googled the location.  This studio is only 7 minutes from me and at the time they were having their grand opening just next week (March 12, 2010 to be exact).  I was all smiles.  My luck could not have been greater.

Friday was the first day of the grand opening with Ballroom and Latin Basics.  My husband went with me as my support system and my personal photographer.  We arrived at the studio really early so I had plenty of time to get ready (ok, ok,we really left the apartment 45 minutes early just to drive 7 minutes, because I was so excited that I couldn’t sit still anymore). The place was packed for the grand opening and the vibe was great.  My expectations for that night were simple:  try out the class for the fun of it and if I like it, come back and take occasional classes. Nothing more, nothing less.

The class started at 8 pm and lasted until 9 pm.  We danced a little bit of Waltz and a little bit Swing.  The instructor, Waylon Jones, was great.  He broke down the dance steps so that it’s easy to understand and learn (it was very basic, but it was a great review for me since I’ve been out for 10 years).  He paid attention to each student (even though this was a group class) and he was very energetic.  It was easy to tell that he loved what he did and enjoyed teaching others.  I liked that about him.  To me, the attitude and involvement of the instructor either makes or breaks a class.  In this case, his attitude and involvement totally made the class and I couldn’t wait to try out Latin Cardio the next day!

After class  I called my mom to tell her about my awesome experience.  I described the class, the studio, the instructor.  I told her how much fun I had.   She listened patiently, mainly because I didn’t give her a chance to say anything since I couldn’t shut my mouth for even a second.  When I finally paused to breathe a little, she quickly responded with the notorious questions, “does this mean you’re back?”.  Through a huge smile that was by this time, hurting, I could finally answer, “Yes, I’m back!”.

Travis and I had a talk that night.  Let me rephrase that, that night I talked Travis’s ear off.  I thanked him a million times for supporting me and believing in me and coming to this class to watch me.  I couldn’t stop talking about how much fun I had; how excited I was; how I couldn’t wait to try out the Latin Cardio class; how I didn’t want to go to bed yet, because all I wanted to do was go dance in the kitchen.  I talked and talked and talked.   Our conversation, I mean, my rambling, ended with “Thank you, again, and I can’t wait until tomorrow!”.  :)


How did you find the studio where you’re currently dancing and how long did it take to find?  What are the things that are important to you in a dance instructor? What is important to you in a group class? Your feedback is always welcome :)


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