Oh, Baby!

“Everything happens for a reason”

I never grew up wanting to have a child, but I was also never against having one either. Travis, my husband, has always wanted children, but we’ve been putting off having them for many years and many reasons and the past 2 years the excuse has been that I wasn’t ready to give up dance. I figured I had plenty of time to have a child, but the opportunity to dance was a small window of time. It was after I read a story about a ballroom dancer and her life that my perspective changed and the reality sank in: I have my WHOLE LIFE to dance and only a small window of time to have a child.

If you ask me, the perfect time to have a child is right now for these simple reasons: My instructor retired and my dance partner and I are on a break. I have no future competitions on my calendar and my dancing is all on my own schedule…

Travis and I have been talking about having a baby since July 2012. I was trying to plan a pregnancy around my tentative 2013 competition schedule. I was thinking that if I got pregnant in January of 2013, I could still compete in Heritage Classic Dancesport Championship that’s held in Ashville, NC at the end of February, beginning of March; then come back to competition in 2014 with my traditional Atlanta Open in May 2014 and possibly Ohio Star Ball in November 2014. That was the plan anyway. But as with everything, life happens and all things changed on December 12, 2012 when I learned about my instructor’s retirement.

After my instructor retired, I started dancing with someone in January 2013 with the possibility of competing in the Amateur division, but again, life happened and as of March we are on a break.

So what’s stopping me from having a baby this time? Absolutely NOTHING and the universe agrees. Travis and I found out that we’re expecting the arrival of our very first child, a baby boy in November, 2013. The news was a pleasant surprise and came at a great time. The timing of my pregnancy is, well, perfect.

Although I am pregnant, have no instructor and no dance partner, that has not stopped me from dancing. I am still taking two group classes a week which focus on Latin choreography and technique. I still go to the gym several times a week and practice what I learn in class. I miss dancing with a partner and I miss having an instructor, but I am very grateful for the opportunity to take the group classes that are offered at the studio. Some dancing is better than none.

Oh Baby!Being pregnant and dancing has not been challenging until just recently. I am 5 months pregnant and my baby belly is growing (the growing baby belly gets in the way sometimes and it will continue to do so). My plan is to continue dancing as long as I can, preferably until the day I go into labor, take a month off or so and come back as soon as my body allows. Travis has been very supportive of my plan and encourages me to come back to dance right away (he knows how much it means to me). LOL! I love him even more just for saying that :P

So like I said, everything happens for a reason and God’s timing is perfect :)

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