As the 2010 Dancing Year Ends and 2011 Begins….

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked back at this past year and wondered, how did I ever get so lucky?   I have been totally blessed with being able to find a local ballroom dance studio, an incredible instructor and have the opportunity to start dancing again.

As 2010 comes to an end, I can truly say that it was an incredible year!  I’ve learned a lot, I’ve laughed a lot, I’ve cried a lot and I’ve danced a lot more than I ever imagined :)

From the time that I first started taking private dance lessons at Jones Dance Ballroom Studios, to where I am today, I have grown so much as a dancer.  I’ve improved my technique (although as I’m learning and I’ve been told, it’s never ending); I’ve learned new routines and new dances; I’ve injured myself in the process and learned how to deal with it and work around it; I have impressed my father with my dancing (which still brings me to tears); I bought my very first Latin dance costume; and most important,I can’t get over how supportive my husband is of my dancing.

With 2011 quickly approaching, I have a small list of things that I’d like to accomplish this coming up year when it comes to my dancing.  The first on that list is to get a new pair of Latin dance shoes.  I have my eye set on a particular pair and I can’t wait to bring them home in January. The second on my list is to compete pro/am in May and just feel good about the way I will dance regardless of how I place.  It’s really hard for me to not critique myself harshly after a performance, so this goals is definitely one that will take the most effort. And last, but not least item on my list is to continue growing as a dancer inside and out.  I want to know what I’m capable of becoming and what I can do with dance in my life :)

Happy Holidays and Best Dancing Wishes!!!

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