Happy (Dance) Anniversary

It’s funny how things change.  When I first tried the Ballroom and Latin Intro group class at Jones Dance Ballroom Studios two years ago, on Friday, March 12, 2010, it was “just to try it out” with absolutely no expectations and no strings attached.  Little did I know that I was waking a sleeping giant when I walked into that dance studio (and my husband comments, “me, too!”).  After “trying out” the group class and coming back for Latin Cardio class the next morning, I was very much aware of my desire to dance again and I couldn’t suppress that feeling.

But I promised myself that I would do this just as a hobby; a weekly group class, nothing more.  I PROMISED myself I wouldn’t get back into competitions.  I knew what was involved in getting involved and I had my reserves.  But once a week wasn’t enough to satisfy my desire; I wanted more…I NEEDED more!

Fast forward to present day. I’ve broken every promise I made to myself two years ago and I’ve had no regrets.  You see, not every promise is meant to be kept, especially when it’s made to suppress a desire for something you can’t live without.  Sometimes promises must be broken…in this case, anyway, it was necessary.

Everything I said I wouldn’t do, I’m doing.  I’m all in.  I am dancing several times a week; not just in group classes, but also private lessons.  I got back into competitions and I’ve savored every performance that I’ve ever done.  I’ve been told that I’ve improved a lot as a dancer and I know it doesn’t end here.  I have so much more to become, so much more to accomplish, so much more desire to satisfy!

So Happy 2nd (Dance) Anniversary to me!  Here’s to many more years of dancing! :)

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