Leave It All On The Dance Floor

I’m naturally a very shy, introverted, slightly socially awkward person.   I don’t like being in the spot light and I don’t like being the center of attention.  I feel very vulnerable when someone knows what I’m feeling, especially if it’s in any way intimate.  Just blogging about this leaves my stomach in knots.  Yet, I choose to dance, perform and compete.  Dancing allows me to be someone else in that moment in time.

Dancing is an art form that is expressed through not only foot work, but through the dancer’s body, connection with their partner, emotions and passion that you can see written all over their face.  Dance is very intimate and very open.  It’s about expressing what you feel inside through body movement, facial expression, toying with the audience in order to emotionally move them and mesmerize them.

The performance aspect in dance is just as important as the ability to execute dance steps technically correct.  In Ballroom dancing, especially Latin dancing,  there is no room for inhibition on the dance floor.  You let go of everything and leave it all on the floor!

When I dance, inside I feel alive, free, sexy, powerful, confident, unstoppable, beautiful, incredible feminine.  The feelings of passion run through my veins and my emotions and senses are magnified.  But on the outside, my facial expression and lack of body movement tell a different story.  I don’t allow myself to show what I feel inside, instead, I look like I’m concentrating. I look dull. I look boring. My own inhibitions paralyze me and  hide my true feelings.  They prevent me from dancing full out and leave it all on the dance floor.  I have to learn to let go and just dance.

Dirty Dancing introduced me to the world of ballroom and Latin dancing, which is now my obsession and addiction.  The Black Swan opened my eyes and showed me what I must become.  Now it’s up to me to loose my inhibitions, perform and leave it all on the dance floor.  This is my greatest challenge, battle and struggle that I MUST overcome.


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