Ballet, Ballroom, and Yoga

I have very high expectations of myself when it comes to dance.  I want my dancing to have technical perfection.  I want my audience to be entertained and emotionally touched.  I want to be an amazing dancer.  I want a lot…but I realized that I lack all the above and some of my expectations are extreme and unrealistic.  I also realize that even though I may not become the next Yulia Zagoruychenko, I am sure as hell going to try!  This means it will require me to go outside the Ballroom dance world for different kind of training, education, etc., all with the blessing of my dance instructor ;)

I’ve been working on my split since Spring of this year by stretching every day.  I still don’t have a full split, but I am so close!  I don’t mind the long progress since I know that my body is probably one of the least flexible ones on this planet.

To help with my flexibility (and balance…and strength…and body awareness…and relaxation) I started taking yoga at my local gym on Saturdays.  It’s only been 2 months and if anything, I just feel better overall after this class.  Yoga is definitely challenging, but not as difficult as it was once.

During one of my lessons, my dance instructor mentioned that I should take a beginner’s Ballet class for adults.  He’s mentioned this before, but this time I took him seriously.  I have tremendous trust in my dance instructor as he knows my dance goals and he does everything in his teaching power to help me achieve them, I decided it was wise to follow his advise and take a Ballet class.

The idea of taking Ballet was a little intimidating yet exciting at the same time.  I’ve always loved watching Ballet.  It’s a beautiful, pure, graceful, performing art.  I am absolutely amazed at the technical perfection these dancers are able to accomplish and execute.

I found a beginner’s Ballet class for adults at Atlanta Ballet, bought ballet slippers and went to my first class…it was tough, but I survived! Actually, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  It was challenging and killed my knee, but I actually enjoyed it.  After a few minutes of doing barre exercises, I was able to understand why my instructor wanted me to take Ballet.  It was eye opening and crystal clear, and as much as I don’t like admitting this, but my instructor was right…once again ;P Ballet will become another addition to my weekly “dance” schedule.

I know what I need to do in order to improve my dancing and I can see how much I’ve grown since the first day that I walked into Jones Dance Ballroom Studios, but I still have a long and beautiful journey ahead.  I believe that one is never “finished” learning how to dance.  It’s a never ending life style, a daily habit and practice.  There is always something to work towards, more to improving and perfect no matter your level.  This gives me comfort in knowing that I always have more to give to dance.

Happy dancing!!!


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