Competition Dancers – Put A Wrap On It!

10841482_10103937811895240_1910055120_nWow, it’s been a while since I’ve written a post!  It’s not because I haven’t wanted to write one. It’s because there isn’t much going on in my dance life since I’ve had my son. The potential ballroom dance amateur partner that I was practicing with in the beginning of 2013 has moved; I’m practicing less than I was in the past; and I’m only dancing once a week – more specifically on Tuesdays, which have become my FAVORITE day of the week and I’m so thankful for this one special day :)

I miss taking private dance lesson and working with a coach, I miss competing and I miss dancing daily in the studio.

LatinCompetitionTokyo2007I actually went in my closet a little bit ago and stood there staring at my costumes, day dreaming about wearing them again one day…I thought about how fun and crazy it was getting ready for a competition: the tanning days before so I wouldn’t look like a ghost; doing my nails perfectly; playing with make up and hair styles to get the right look; and working out a little more to make sure I’m in my top shape.

That last thought brought me back to reality. I stood there looking at myself in the mirror. It’s been a year since I’ve had my son, but you can still see the changes in my body. I don’t think it will ever be the same – and I’m ok with that, but I am a little shy about showing off my stomach than I use to be. I have some extra, loose, post-baby-belly skin that I just can’t seem to get rid of. I eat fairly well and I exercise as much as my toddler lets me, but that extra, loose skin is just not going away – it’s better than it was, but it’s not gone.

This reminded me of old classmate of mine that sells these crazy wraps for tightening and toning problem areas. She contacted me earlier this year, but I wasn’t interested at that time. I quickly reached out to her inquiring about the wraps. She gave me some information and told me about great results she (personally) and her clients had.  I was so excited that I decided try the wraps AND become an independent distributor for It Works! Global :)

After a full Ultimate Body Applicator treatment (4 wraps every 72 hours for 45 minutes) I was very impressed with the results!  My loose skin was TIGHTER and it looked FIRMER!  Look at the photos for yourself :)

10730119_10203981726397642_5839454571874679087_nI love the way my stomach looks after the wraps. I feel like I can put on my latin dance costume with confidence – too bad I don’t have a comp to go :/ But in all seriousness, this product is a MUST for dancers. We all have problem areas that get exposed when we wear our costumes and the quickest, easiest way to feel confident and look amazing is to put a wrap on it!

These wraps can be worn on almost any part of your body: face, neck, arms, thighs, stomach, butt, sides, hands, etc.   They are easy to use – only 45 minutes per wrap every 72 hours. One box comes with 4 wraps and retails for $100 (or if you plan on using them often, you can become a Loyal Customer and get the wraps for my personal distributor discount at $59 per box).  The results are temporary; however, they can last up to 6 months.  You can find more info on the Ultimate Body Applicator wraps on my website here.

Anyway, if you’re feeling a little shy about your problem area at your next comp, go ahead and order that crazy Ultimate Body Applicator wrap online.

My friend, also a fellow dancer uses the wraps and here’s what she has to say about them:

“My grandmother has been the owner of a herbal, all natural shop for over 30 years and she introduced me to It Works!  I’m so glad she did!  I use the wraps on my upper thighs for events, like ballroom competitions and beach trips.  I have found that they make a noticeable difference in the appearance of cellulite, as well as firming the skin.  The wraps help me to feel more confident when having to expose those trouble areas!” ~JH, Hoschton, GA

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