Latin Dance Shoes: Ray Rose and Narrow Feet

My current pair of Latin dance shoes are Freed of London.  I bought this pair of shoes when I was 14 years old.  I used them for about 2 years and put them away for the next 1o years.  I was finally able to feel the dance floor with them in March of 2010 when I started dancing at Jones Dance Ballroom Studios.  Yes, the shoes are very old, but they are great, except for a few minor details that I had to deal with.  First, I had to glue the sole back to the shoe since they started “talking” to me.  Next, since they were white satin (or dirty white satin) I ended up dying them tan,which eventually, the dye was fading and they were looking spotty.  Did I mention that I was getting a hole in them from dancing so much?  Yeah, I knew I needed new Latin dance shoes, but I didn’t want to part with them since they still felt great on my foot.  But, as much as I adore my Latin dance shoes, they are just too used and abused.

I decided it was time for new Latin dance shoes.  I went to a local dance shoe store and ran into a major problem.  My foot is so narrow that none of the shoes fit properly!  My foot would just slide through all of them.  I thought about buying another pair of Freed of London, but they didn’t have a narrow enough size.  The only pair that fit were the ones that had adjustable buckles on the front, but I just didn’t like the style.  I was so frustrated that I turned to the Dance Forums for help.  I asked around and found ladies with narrow feet that use Ray Rose Queen B Latin dance shoes.  Even though these shoes say they are a Medium fit, they are actually made more on the narrow side.  After reading through the dance forums and all the great things said about this particular brand and style, I decided to give them a shot.

I sent several latin dance shoe companies a frantic email explaining my narrow foot situation and desperately seeking a solution.  After all the email responses I received, I decided to go with Lucienne Dance, mainly because of their great customer service and the solution they offered.  The staff at Lucienne Dance were more than willing to work with me to make sure that I found the right Latin dance shoe.  Since I didn’t know my exact size or how the Ray Rose Queen B would fit, they offered to send me 2 different shoes for sizing.

Judgement Day:  I finally received my Ray Rose Queen B Latin dance shoes and tried on both sizes.  I was praying that one of the sized would fit me.  I was really hoping that my foot wouldn’t slide through the shoe…….I really wanted the shoes to work. I so did not want to send back both pairs of shoes.  I slipped them on carefully and stood up….the shoes actually fit!!! What a relief!  I kind of felt like Cinderella and the glass slipper that was made just for her.  I quickly decided (with the help of my husband and my dance instructor) on which pair fit and looked the best and sent the other one back.  I tried them out in my private dance lesson and feel in love with the shoes :)

I can tell you this:  I absolutely love my new pair of Ray Rose Queen B Latin dance shoes!!!  The fit is snug on my narrow foot and the balance and feel of the shoe is wonderful.  It seriously fits like a glove :)

So for those of you, ladies, that have narrow feet and need a pair of really good Latin dance shoes, try Ray Rose Queen B from Lucienne Dance!  Trust me, you will love the shoe and the customer service you’ll receive :)

Happy Dancing!!!

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  1. Claire 27. Mar, 2011 at 4:30 pm #


    I am happy I came across your post. I have extremely narrow fit and am desperately looking for a comfortable fitting pair of shoes. I read from your blog you brought some Ray Rose I know of the brand but didn’t know they catered for narrow feet. Before I order I just wanted to get your advice on the shoe? and also as how narrow are your feet? and waht is the width size of the shoe? it seems to be very fifficult for me to find a pair of latin dance shoes. I loo forward to hearing form you

    (A Hopeful) Claire x

  2. yana 27. Mar, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

    Hi, Claire! Thank you for your comment. I normally wear a US size 7.5 or 8 depending on the shoe. The Ray Rose shoe that I purchased is a UK size 5.5 and the width of it is about 3 inches (I measured the widest part of the shoe). I’ve also heard that the Meteor and Blizzard is good for narrow feet, but I haven’t tried them. I wasn’t aware that they catered for narrow feet either, especially since the width does say “Medium”, therefore I was very doubtful that they would fit me. But I was pleasantly surprised :) I hope this helps you. I love the pair that I ordered and I love how comfortable they are when I’m dancing. If you do end up ordering a pair of Ray Rose, let me know! I’d love to hear your experience with them.

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